What Goes Into Pricing

We are one of the fastest production companies Austin, TX. Whether it shooting low light events, an event shoot,  we are video production experts. We consider ourselves an affordable video production service editing by local video editors. 

Our Pricing is based by a series of tiers. Tiers are started by what type of project. is this a corporate event video? Is this Austin wedding videography event? Do you need video marketing in Austin, TX? Projects each have their own weight with responsibility and expectation for execution. Just like we are a communication video production company we ask our clients communication with us to determine their tailored invoice. 

How many locations are we filming at? A music video production company near me is going to charge you a lot more money with more time to deliver. Hen's Bread Productions turnover rate is fast, and we film as fast as we edit. The more locations we film at, the more time it takes, the more money the project costs. A vague reference for location cost is $200 for the first location then $150 after each location 30 miles within 78701.

When how much it takes to take to film a video question comes up, a lot of the time edits take time. Editing is the longest process of a video. Hen's Bread Productions is only going to turn in something we are proud to have our title card on. With that the ability to request revisions cost money. Once submitting if further requests are made and an overhaul is needed to complete the customers requirements, each revision is $200. 

Would you like your project to have resized social media content? Gifs from your own material? Instagram and snapchat sized content? These things take time, but are a $100 affordable add on. 

How do you plan on maintaining your material? We will keep your project available in google drive for 7 days. Beyond the 7 days to have data managed for up to 2 years is $100 per project.