About Us

Hen's Bread Productions is a multi media production company centered around team work. With great team work we as people can push beyond farther than we can than just by ourselves. The reason being we are Hen's Bread Productions is because when Jacob Perkins was a young child there was a book called the "Little Red Hen" read to him by his grandmother, its core story is coming together to bake the bread. A quick synopsis is the Hen lives on a farm and has a goal of baking a loaf of bread. The hen goes around to all the farm animals, the cow, the cat, the dogs, asking, "Would you like to help me make bread?" All the farm animals say, "No, they're too busy...". That doesn't stop the hen. The hen makes the bread and it smells so good all the farm animals come to ask for a slice and the hen says no, because they did not help. Here at Hen's Bread Productions we are a collaboration company that only wants us all to succeed. When you hire Hen's Bread Productions you are helping bake the bread because we ask questions, we get involved, we care about the end result.