June 2021

  • Upcoming Video Project Late June - July

    Communication is key because from June 27th - July we will be busy with a month long commitment. In order to schedule your video or photography session we will need to ensure our business is on the same page as your expectations.
  • Capturing Lightning!!!

    The story on why this photo means so much to me.
  • COVID 19 Update

    Our whole team has been vaccinated since March 2021. Please do not hesitate to request us to do what makes you feel most comfortable and safe. That being said, if there is no request we will continue to adhere to CDC guidelines.
  • Congratulations Grads!

    Congratulations Grads! We know it was hard, but you hit the finish line, now onto the next one. We were invited to take photos for Melanie's graduation announcement and we just include a small write-up and a couple photos.
  • Rockstar Booth, What is it?

    Writing how Rockstar Booth is a photo booth and direct extension of Hen's Bread Productions where we are out to deliver the best photo you've ever taken at live events. Click in to see our quick write up with a few examples. Visit Rockstarboothtx.com to see more of our work.