When The Client Asks for "x" We make sure to provide "X, Y, and Z"

Video producers near me gonna try and promote me with an audience near me. Hen's Bread Productions, we want to take you as far as you'd let us. Austin Silent Disco wanted to promote across all media with a focus on their "Lighting Packages", so we created what we felt was out of this world. Starting with a 360 image of Austin with the appearance of the world with Austin Silent Disco's colors we were able to zoom into an event held at The W downtown Austin TX. This is really a fun project and we want to keep working with Austin Silent Disco. They asked for video and Hen's Bread Productions thought, well shoot lets also do live event photography because we are picture people. So I present to you, a sample of what we can do you. You say jump...we say, "How High?"


Austin Silent Disco DJ at The WLetting Loose at The W with Austin Silent DiscoCousin partnership at The W Austin Silent DiscoDJ Jason in the zone at The W Austin Silent DiscoIn Awe with Silent Disco Headphones at The WHappy Couple Austin Silent Disco at The WDJ Jason vital check at The W Austin Silent DiscoDJ Manny Has the song in his head The W Austin Silent Disco