Can We Have That Too?

Luckily, being an event production company in Austin, TX we get asked to do a lot of fun events. Austin Silent Disco has great social media production prior to meeting Hen's Bread Productions, but we took them over the top by completing any request given to us. Austin Silent Disco saw our previous blog post of "I Cut so Much You Thought I was a DJ" how we presented to completed projects to "Your Favorite DJs, DJ" Pat Luv with two different cuts to choose from. Austin Silent Disco asked for a social media video and a video to present to their clients. When talking with Austin Silent Disco on who they wanted to present a video to their client, we asked questions about frequency and rate. Turns out Austin Silent Disco is receiving a lot more than expected church requests and they wanted to expand their visibility. On 12/09/20 we were able to get mask-wearing footage of a church group enjoying Austin Silent Disco's experience and we turned in both edits within 2 weeks. Here at Hen's Bread Productions, we aim to please when our clients reply back with "I love it"; our most important goal is consistency and to keep working with our awesome clients. Here are the cuts we turned into Austin Silent Disco.


First submission turned in less than a week for their clients to view: 

Social Media Submission turned in less than 2 weeks from 12/9/20: